Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency, please contact your Kanata dentist right away!

(613) 836-5969

At the Hazeldean Family Dental Centre we welcome dental emergencies. We will do our very best to schedule any emergency cases as promptly as we can.

It is always easier to save a tooth as soon as an injury happens. If you take your time before contacting us, it might be too late to save the tooth and alternative treatments will have to be considered. We know the severity of the pain associated with dental problems, which is why we are committed to accommodating dental emergencies.

Booking your Kanata dentist appointment has never been easier!

If you’re an existing patient looking to book your next appointment, call us at (613) 836-5969 or use the online form on the side to request an appointment!

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CALL: 613-836-5969